Tomato Bread – Savory yeast bread

Its been a busy week. Working overtime has always been my bane…but since it is a part of a professional life…I take it in my stride. Thats not saying that work  dosen’t interfere with the stuff I enjoy and cherish most in my life…my family, my sleep and taking  time to do the things I… Continue reading Tomato Bread – Savory yeast bread

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Throw pillows from old bed pillows

I have an addiction to all things soft and cushy. Sofas, bed, pillows, throw pillows…you name it. I can have ten pillows on my bed and still find place for more. I am used to sleeping surrounded  by pillows…that is until our kiddos came along and we no longer have a place to sleep in… Continue reading Throw pillows from old bed pillows

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Wall prep after wall paper removal

Ahhh at last the promised post. Now that the wallpaper has been removed, the hardest part is done  and its time to prep the walls for painting. There are just a few simple steps before you can adorn the wall with your favorite color. Tools needed: Spackle, Putty knife, fine grit sand paper, gardz, primer, paint,… Continue reading Wall prep after wall paper removal


Carrot and mixed nuts quick bread

Breakfast.. the most important meal of the day is also the hardest for me.  I find it hard to find healthy filling meals that are not from a box, not too sweet and which my kids will eat. This quick bread satisfied all my criteria. Its filling, loaded with nuts and carrot (vegetables !!!) , made… Continue reading Carrot and mixed nuts quick bread

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No sew curtains

You might have read about my rant on not finding the perfect curtains. So we decided to DIY the curtains. It is the best decision we have made (on curtains that is..). Just for some background on why it took so long to come up with that decision. I cannot sew…like cannot even thread a… Continue reading No sew curtains